Design firm rights protection

1. Call center (Design SOS center)

(1) Objective : Identify unfair deals and IPR disputes suffered by design firms and prevent such incidents through education and promotional activities

  • Identify disputes and make a database to share analysis and lessons in the design industry
  • Prevent disputes through education and promotional activities
  • Promote standardization on design contracts in the future

(2) Period : July 2011 – current

(3) Projects

  • Education/seminars, publication of a casebook on unfair deals

2. Software certification

(1) Encourage the legitimate use of software and grant certificate

(2) Collective purchase, twice per year

3. MOU on font

  • Allow a commercial use of licensed software after collective purchase,
    Relieve members from reckless crackdown on pirated software use
  • MOU signing with four companies including Yoon Design