Overseas projects

Support for design firms going overseas

1. KODFA Ningbo Design Center (Opened in Oct. 20, 2011)

Serve as a holistic support center for Korean design firms to enter into the Chinese market in industrial design and identify design business opportunities.

Operation: joint operation of participants (Eligible participants)

  • Members and design firms for the areas of graphic, package, product, environment and multimedia design
  • Currently, Dozens of session (May 2011 – April 2014) is in operation.

Operational performance of 2010 - 2014

  • Participated in Several Chinese exhibitions (Beijing, Dalian, Shunde, Tianjin, Ningbo)
  • Held several business consulting meetings (Dalian, Cixi, Tianjin, Yuyao, Guangzhou, Ningbo)
  • Made promotional brochures and distributed to Chinese manufacturing companies
  • Opened web page, promoted in financial newspaper and design magazines

2. Overseas design sharing projects

  • Goal : Build a networking infrastructure through sustained exchanges with developing countries
  • 2011 : Malaysia (Intensive stage), Philippines (Early stage)